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The below studies and articles relate to tourist issues. Through these studies I identify the problems faced by tourism and propose radical solutions aimed at tackling and alleviating the problems that appear in the sector of tourism

988 - Problems of the Protaras Tourist Area

1995 - Problems that the Protaras Area Faces due to the Tourist Growth

1998 - Problems that the Protaras Tourist Area Faces 

1998 -
Letter to the Famagusta Congressmen concerning the Tourist Problems that Famagusta Tourist Area Faces

2002 - Suggestions regarding the Qualitative Upgrade of the Tourist Product of the Famagusta District

2004 -
Problems that the Protaras Area Faces and Suggestions to their solvin

2007 - The so-called Tourist Villas will leave us Without Land and Without Tourists

2008 - The Problems of the Protaras Tourist Area 

2009 -
Without Scientific Approachment we cannot solve the Famagusta Tourist Problems

2011 - The Closure of Eurocypria: the consequences in Tourism and especially in Famagusta District Are