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DISPENSE BAR (Μπαρ Υπηρεσίας)


After completion of this module the student will be able to:

Ø  To determine the  meaning of Dispense Bar

Ø  To name calls the base of the fitting-out of premises-Dispense Bar

Ø  To identify the necessary equipment in Dispense Bar

Ø  Name the equipment in the-Dispense Bar

Ø  State the rules of hygiene and safety must operate from the staff in the Dispense Bar

Ø  Name the duties of the Dispense Barman


Ø  Is the specially formatted area located inside the restaurant space and provide to the waiters wines, spirits, water, juices and soft drinks for customer service, restaurant, lunch.


Internal Area of the Bar

Ø  The staff must have sufficient space to be able to work comfortably, without blocking each other

Displaying the bench Bar

Ø  The adjustment of the bench must be such so that the Barman has to use easily in order to prepare the drinks and equipment

Plumbing and Electricity

Ø  Plumbing is essential for the provision of cold and hot water for washing glasses and utensils

Ø  The electrical supply is needed to operate the refrigerators, ice machine, cash machine, the glass-washing machine and small machines for the preparation of  Cocktails


Mechanical Equipment

Ø  Electric Drinks Mixer

Ø  Blender (Blender Bar

Ø  Espresso Machine

Ø  Glass Washing Machine

Ø  Ice-Making Machine

Ø  Ice-Crushing Machine

Ø  Soft drinks and Wine Refrigerators

Utensils of Bars

Ø  Small, Moderate, Large Trays

Ø  Ice Buckets

Ø  Wine Baskets

Ø  Water Jugs

Ø  Wine Jugs

Ø  Champagne with Stands

Ø  Coffee cups and dishes

Ø  Milk Pots

Bar Utensils

Ø  Can Openers

Ø  Cleaner

Ø  Cocktail Picker)

Ø  Strainer

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